Festival Cubano 2014: DJ Nelly

Onelis Sanches Torres, was born in Holguin, Cuba, known as DJ Nelly for many years promotes the best Cuban music in Europe and all over the world. As a professional DJ, he performed at many salsa congresses, recently at Cubamemucho – one of the biggest salsa festival in the world.
In Turkey, he organized Latino events and other large events for one of Germany’s largest hotel chains (Robinson Club). DJ Nelly played also in Marseille, where he worked with Suena Timba «Pa que suena mi timba» and Millie’s ‘’Timbera». His music can be heard also at a lot of events in Germany (Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck).
His cheerful and charismatic personality helps to ‘’turn easily any party up’’. We’re looking forward for that!

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